Intermountain Business Forms

 Intermountain Business Forms started in April of 1986 by Jerry C. Cook.  Intermountain Business Forms specialized in the distribution of all types and kinds of business forms related printing, subsequently incorporated in April of 1993.  The growth of the business and customer demands led to the acquisition of printing equipment and in house production as well as distribution.

 Interform Graphics

Intermountain Business Forms began to operate under the name of Interform Graphics approximately around the year 1999.  This name change was largely due to the expansion of the company and changing markets and products.  During this time the company began expanding its product lines to include promotional products and embroidered corporate apparel.  The combination of printing, promotional products and apparel gave Interform Graphics a unique position in the marketplace as having the advantage of offering a wide range of products and services to its customers.


Today, the company operates as Interform, offering the complete corporate branding experience for their customers.  Interform currently offers a full range of printing services; including wide format printing, banners and signage, graphic design, promotional product and corporate apparel.  The majority of these services are manufactured and produced at our facility located in Centerville, Utah.  Interform prides itself in offering the best products, at a competitive price and with the personal service and care that exceeds all expectations. 


Thank you for reading about Interform.  We hope that you will come to enjoy the Interform experience.  

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